Men’s Fashion Tips: The Art of Creating Permanent Trend Fashions for Men

Many men and women don’t have much idea about Men’s Fashion. Often the advice I’ve been approached on are what men can wear to appear professional or what men should wear so they don’t look outdated but overtly trendy.

mens fashionI’d greatly propose understanding the fundamentals of men’s fashion and place this knowledge into a permanent men’s fashion style. There wouldn’t be any more worry about following trends but perpetually looking fashionable.

The principles of fashion for men boil down to understanding what each piece of clothing consists of. The materials used decide a lot on the quality of the garments. Great materials enable the clothing to resist damage.

Style and trend is also important to get right.  Keeping up with fashion trends should be important for any man.  For example today many men like to wear assassins creed clothing.

If any men’s clothes or accessories that wear out fast would naturally make it appear old and poorly cared. This doesn’t reflect well of the men wearing it and readily place most men out of style by simply appearing shaggy.

Another Important point we should notice are the details uncovered in every clothing and accessories. Details can be subtle but it creates an extremely large impact in the ultimate prognosis of the styling.

So before we begin playing with details, the knowledge of each detail’s obligation and how it helps in holding up the thing or even gives value to it in fashion can help us in selecting the best men’s clothes.

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Learning the best way to coordinate is another rough thing for many men. It will not have to be if they just realize about the various theories of coordination. Beginning from identifying the sort skin complexion they belong to would be the simplest knowledge to get.

Subsequently they should just put on the correct color clothes against their complexion that perks up their facial skin tone and brings the focus for their face.

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Belts for Men

Belt is actually the anchor or co-coordinator of a man’s whole wardrobe. It offers a lot of possibilities for mixing and matching with belts being available in all arrays of colors, brands and styles. Regrettably, most men do not pay much attention to belts that they end up wearing them inappropriately. Belts are either formal or casual and the only way to determine whether the belt you’re considering to buy is casual or formal is by the rule of thumb, literally.


A belt as broad as your thumb is a formal belt something broader or wider will fall under the casual category. Another distinction between casual and formal belt is in the material and finish. A formal belt usually comes in a deep glossy finish whereas casual belts are more often done in a subdued flat finish. When it comes to buckles, the rule is, the larger the buckle the more casual the belt.

The only colors of belts that matter are black, brown and tan. Anything else is a passing trend and fad and are only for teenagers and superheroes. If possible you should have formal and casual belts in all three colors, but you can perfectly manage with a black formal belt and casual belts in tan and brown.

Formal belts should always match the color and texture of your shoes. If you’re wearing shiny black shoes then your formal belt should also be black and glossy. Casual belts are more versatile, however, a casual belt with a matte finish whether brown, tan or black could be paired off with sneakers and jeans. When it comes to boots, since they are made from leather, the rule on formal belt should be followed, however casual the boots are. The belt should match the boots finish and color.


Store your belt properly so that it can last you a long time. The proper way to store belt is to hang it perpendicularly and away from the sunlight. Don’t leave it in your pants since being curved in the loop will damage the belt’s seam and damage the form of the leather.

Now, when you know how to wear your belt it is time to buy a new belt and make your style even better. We hope you found this information useful and it will help you on your way to a fantastic look.

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